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Non Invasive Hyaluron Pen Bbl Infusion (Virtual Training)

Non Invasive Hyaluron Pen Bbl Infusion (Virtual Training)


Our Non Invasive Hyaluron Pen Bbl Infusion is the perfect solution for clients looking to enhance their buttocks without undergoing surgery. Using our specialized hyaluron pen needles, the infusion process is quick, safe, and effective. The result is a plumped and lifted gluteus that will leave your clients feeling confident and satisfied. Our training program will teach you the techniques to provide this sought-after treatment to your clients, making it a valuable addition to your beauty services.


Course Includes:

Students Manual

Certificate Of Completion


Starter Kit :

PPE (Student)

Hyaluron Pen 

Bbl Filler 

Amplous 0.3 ml

Cotton Rounds 

Mapping Pen 

Disposiable Bikini

Topical Numbing Cream




Hyaluron Pen Bbl Theory

Lean Diffrent Modalites 

How To Properly Use HA Pen 

How To Custimez Clients Package

Contraindactions And After Care 

Client Consent Forms 

What Is Hyaluronic Acid

Measurements And Dosages

Skin Anatomy | Muscle Anatomy

Sanitation Guidelines | Protocol

Business Tips | Advertising



1 Day Training 4 Hour Duration 

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