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Nano-Tint And Gloss Lips  Virtual Training

Nano-Tint And Gloss Lips Virtual Training

Get Ready To Give Your Clients The Plumped Gloss Lips They have been Waiting For!


The Nano-Tint And Gloss Lips is the perfect solution for achieving a plump and luscious pout. This product is a gloss nano infusion and tint that is applied using a microneedling device. The infusion contains powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, leaving your lips hydrated and nourished. The tint adds a pop of color to your lips, enhancing their natural beauty. Get ready to flaunt a perfect pout with the Nano-Tint And Gloss Lips.


Course Includes :

Nano- Device| Full KIT |Certificate

Course Includes:

•GlossSerum & Tints

•Nano Tips •Cotton Rounds Lip Mask

•Disposable Head Band •PPE

Curriculum: •Skin Anatomy •Lip Anatomy

•Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1-6 •Lip Gloss Theory

•Sanitation Guidelines •Nano Needle Theory

•Contraindications •Client Care •Client After Care


1 Day Virtual Training 

DurationEstimated Time  3-4 Hours 

Must be completed 30 Days After Registraion.

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