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Lip Blushing Training 2-Day

Lip Blushing Training 2-Day

Our Lip Blushing Training 2-Day course is designed to help you master the art of lip blush and neutralization. With the service being in high demand, this training will equip you with the skills to treat different needs from hyperpigmentation lips to cemetery add. Adding this service to your PMU business will ensure that you stay booked and meet the needs of your clients. Join us for this comprehensive training and take your PMU skills to the next level.

Course Includes:

Starter Kit :

PMU Machine |Pigments | Mixer And Tips

Mixing Cups | Protective Bags | Needles

PPE | Dental Bibs | Cotton Rounds | Cotton Swaps


Curriculum: 📚

Lip Blushing And Neutralization Theory

•Lip Anatomy VS Skin Anatomy

•Lip Mapping •Color Theory

•Sanitation Guidelines •Client Care

•Contraindication •After Care

Business Tips And Advertising

Certificate Of Completion


2 Day Training 4 Hours Each Day 

Must be Completed 30 days after registration

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